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animal rehabilitation and rehoming centre

We ARE NOT funded daily by the RSPCA or donations made to it, please support our vital work for local animals directly..

Your local centre specialises in caring for and rehabilitating cats and dogs that come into us from the National RSPCA, these are local animals that are often abused, abandoned or neglected. 


We do run a subsidised cat neutering clinic for those in reciept of benefits and these will be listed on our facebook page, more information can be found HERE.


Although we are amazing, we just can’t take in and care for strays, small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs etc), wildlife or birds.


Sadly, we do not have any rescue or emergency treatment services and are not able to accept animals or wildlife from members of the public or take in stray animals.


To report abuse or cruelty, please call the National RSPCA hotline on 0300 1234 999

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