A little gesture makes a huge difference.


We are asking that this year, you donate to us instead of sending your traditional Christmas cards. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but we are expecting an increased number of animals to care for this Winter.


We have taken a hit over the last two years as we navigate, like you, through the pandemic and have lost half of our income and as we are not funded day to day by the larger National RSPCA, we rely on direct support and donations to help us to keep going, especially over the Winter.


We are not funded day to day by the RSPCA and National Campaigns


In 2020 alone, we lost over £550,000 in income and its looking the same for 2021, your donation in lieu of cards might seem a small gesture, but right now, any amount is a huge amount. In 2020 we aided over 830 animals, even during successive lockdowns. Our branch must raise the money to take in, care for, support and rehome these animals.


Many animals we see are either abused, neglected, or abandoned.


We are expecting a huge influx this winter and need your help today.


Unfortunately, Facebook do not allow us to create a Facebook frame to show that you have supported us this year, so please make your kind donation and share our appeal far and wide across all your networks. Help us save as many animals as possible this winter and if we cannot find them their forever home they deserve in time for Christmas, we can at least give them all the love and attention we can at the centre this year.


Thank you.


To make your donation and pledge your support, please visit:

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